Anklet Size Guide

How to Measure Your Anklet Size At Home 


Step 1 

Cut a strip of paper or a thin piece of string. 


Step 2

Wrap the strip of paper or thin piece of string around your ankle comfortably. Use a pen to mark where the paper or string meets. 


Step 3

Lay the paper or string on a flat surface and measure the distance with a ruler.


Step 4 

  • For a tight fit anklet; add 0.5in to your anklet size 
  • For a comfortable fit anklet; add 1in to your anklet size
  • For a lose fit anklet; add 1.5in to your anklet size 
(Ex;  Anklet measurement is 8in. I want a comfortable fit anklet, so I add 1in. Now I have 9in. I'll buy a 9in anklet.)